5 reasons why summer is a great time to buy

Every season comes with their own set of pros and cons when buying or selling a home. We believe that summer is one of the better seasons to buy a house.

1. You have more time to hunt for the right house

One thing that summer offers more of than the other seasons is sunlight. Longer daylight hours mean that you have more time to go house-hunting and find that perfect home for you. It’s easier to get the feel of the house when you can see it in natural sunlight. Even if you work until six, you could pop by at a house showing after work and get a good feel for the home.

Also, don’t know about you, but people tend to take their vacation time during summer. If you don’t plan on travelling too much, then you could spend some of that time browsing the market.

2. You have more houses to choose from

Summer is peak moving season. Why buy a home when there are only a few options when you can wait to have more for the picking? The drawback is that you might have to expect to pay at or above the asking price. But this isn’t necessarily so.

3. It’s easier to move furniture

As long as it’s not unbearably hot out, it’s much nicer to move house in nice warm weather as opposed to the cold or even worse, the rain. Living in a rainy city like Vancouver, Can you imagine how difficult it would be trying to get your furniture from the truck to the house without getting it wet. Your movers might even appreciate the nicer weather.

4. School’s out for summer

If you’re a parent, then one big advantage to moving house during this season is that school’s out for summer. This means that there’ll be a lot less disruptions to your child’s life. This further means that there’ll be less disruptions to your life since you won’t have to worry about balancing moving on top of everything else you have to do on a hectic school day. And on top of that, you’ll probably want to make sure your child is adjusting to the changes. All in all, moving in the summer presents a lot less hassle especially when you have children to think about.

5. You have time to get to know your new neighbourhood

There’s no better time to explore a new neighbourhood than on a bright sunny day. Take a walk to the nearby parks and find your nearest farmer’s market. With the bright sunshine and plants in bloom, you’ll also be able to see your new neighbourhood in all its beauty.

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