Do People buy homes in December?

It might seem a little odd to want to move house during the busiest time of the year, but it turns out people do buy homes in December. In the midst of christmas entertainment, buying gifts to catch up on all the Christmas shopping, and visiting the lights at VanDusen, some people out there are making a more serious purchase. It seems almost counterproductive to shop around for a new house during such a busy season, but you know it’s business when people are looking for homes at this time.

People really do buy homes in December and here are a few reasons why.

Buyers are serious

If you’re looking to buy a house over the Christmas holiday, then you’re probably a more serious buyer. There might be fewer visits and home shows, but the people who do show up are more determined buyers looking for the right fit. These people aren’t just shopping around.

While others are preoccupied with holiday shopping, serious buyers will find some way to entertain the kids while continuing to look for the perfect home. They’re probably also looking for a quick purchase so they can quickly redirect their focus to the holiday.

Sellers are motivated

Not too many people bother to list their homes over the holiday season. This means that there’s less competition and a greater chance that buyers will come take a look at the beloved home you have on the market. With fewer buyers out and about, you know that the people who do come to take a look at your home are more serious and also probably more open to negotiations.

Motivated-based circumstances

There’s definitely a reason for someone to brave the cold and winter conditions to either buy or sell a home. Imagine getting a new job in a different city or finding out your company’s placing you somewhere else beginning in the new year. These are for sure some motivating factors for searching for new homes over the winter holiday season. For these reasons, people tend to be more determined to buy over this time.

Christmas-infested cheer

Since fewer buyers are out looking for homes at this time, the competition is lowered quite a bit so the scales of supply and demand might tip in your favour. But whether they intend to or not, most people tend to become cheerier during the Christmas season. Something about it puts people in good moods and the celebratory atmosphere is very contagious. People are more inclined to be generous.

There may not be as many people buying and selling as there are during peak seasons, December definitely gets its fair share of realty activity. It’s not a bad idea for people who are interested to buy homes in December.

Cover Photo: “Gingerbread Village” by multiple artists from Collingwood School. Featured in the Gingerbread Lane exhibition benefiting Make a Wish BC at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver until December 31st.

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