Home Maintenance Projects You Can Do This Summer

Nothing impresses a buyer more than a well-loved home. The best way to show that the home is worthy of love is to take care of it. Find all the little corners of the home and tend to them. Putting the extra effort in and going that extra mile just prove the worthiness and value of the home.

The visual aesthetic from both inside and out can show how much you valued the property. Start your cleaning operations from the inside then work your way out to give your home the final glow.


1. Test the detectors around your home

When was the last time you had your smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors checked? It’s kind of an important thing. You want that to be working when it really matters. Make sure you take a look at the system to make sure it’s still operational. If it’s a matter of changing the battery, you can do that yourself. But if there’s some kind of electrical issue with it, then you probably want to call in the professionals.

2. Dust the ceiling fan and the high corners of your home

A lot of dust and cobwebs pile up and appear throughout the year. And trust us, it’s not something you want hanging around your home. Pull out your swiffer or feather duster and get to work.

3. Sweep the chimney

Yes, we know, you probably won’t use your fireplace again until the winter, but that shouldn’t stop you from keeping a clean and working fireplace. The best part about maintaining your fireplace at this time is that the chimney cleaning services out there are probably not too busy.

4. Check the air filters around your home

Dust collects like crazy. Find all the air filters in your home and give them a good wipe to remove all the dust.

5. Wash the windows, inside and out

Looking out into your beautiful garden through a smeary window is a little sad. It’s amazing how much a little dust and smear can take away from the beautiful aesthetics of nature. Grab a damp towel, some window spray and a squeegee, then give the windows a good wipe down on both the inside and outside.


1. Wash the outside of your house

If you’re looking for a new project, then maybe you can give your home a fresh new coat of paint. If it’s not necessary, or it’s not a project you want to take on, then giving your home a quick scrub down will definitely be enough to restore it’s glow and have it looking like new.

2. Check your outdoor equipment

You’ll probably want to do some gardening or mow the lawn every now and again. And for these things, you’ll want to be using properly working equipment. The next step after checking the equipment would be to make sure their storage facility isn’t coming down and is looking good. Clean out your shed and repair any damage to it. You could even touch it up with some paint to give it a fresh face.

3. Check your outdoor play equipment

Nothing is more terrifying than a little mishap on some outdoor equipment. First of all, check that the equipment hasn’t been damaged or rotted. Next, make sure it can hold the weight it claims and lastly, remove all the cobwebs so your children can play freely and uninterrupted.

Just Remember

Looks do matter, especially when it comes to selling your home. You should always try to make your home look as tidy as possible whenever you have potential buyers come around. Give them the strongest visual so they can easily imagine living in that home and making it become theirs.

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