Home security: Secure your home while you are away

Home security is the most essential thing when it comes to preparing for vacation. You want to make sure your grounds are covered. The last thing you want is to be concerned for the safety of your home as you set out, even for only a few hours. Everyone wants the safety and comfort of their home to return to. It’s best to avoid the devastation and make sure a home security system is installed right away.

Here are our top tips to keeping your home secure while you are away.

Make sure you have the right insurance and coverage

The first thing you should check regarding your home security is your coverage plan. What kind of insurance do you have on your home and will it protect you if the worst-case scenario does happen? It’s important to be covered no matter what. You never know when there’ll be a burglary or some kind of natural disaster.

Get a home security system

After making sure everything’s good with your insurance, the next big thing on your bucket list should be to consider installing a home security system. If you’re not convinced about the idea of installing a security system in your home, you can take a look at these 10 reasons why you need a home security system.

Setting up cameras can help you keep track of who all is coming and going from your property. You can even check your home surveillance while on your trip. Surveillance cameras are also great for helping the police in identifying possible suspects of burglary. If an intruder does manage to get into your home, your system will call the police so you don’t have to.

Security systems also offer great protection for fire accidents. They often have a warning system for smoke in the home as well as warn of sources of heat.

Make your home look occupied

A home left empty for a few days is a temptation a criminal can’t resist. Install some timers into your light and tv and set them to go off throughout the day and evening. This will increase your home security as it’s a bit more intimidating for intruders to approach a house when they think someone’s inside.

If you hire a service to maintain your yard, then don’t cancel them while you’re away. Have them keep coming. Even if it’s just a neighbourhood kid you pay to mow the lawn or shovel the driveway. Ask them to continue the service while you’re away. A house that looks like it’s getting attention is a great way to deter burglars.

Ask a friend or family member to stop by

Everyone has someone they can ask a favour or two from. Whether it’s a family member, a friend, or even your neighbour, there’s usually someone you can trust. To really keep your home safe, ask someone close to you if they could visit your home periodically while you’re away. If they’re very nice, they might be inclined to water the plants for you and feed the fish. They may even tend to the outdoor maintenance a little bit if you’re not afraid to ask them.

It’s a bad idea to have newspaper and mail piled up outside on your porch, so don’t forget to ask them to bring it inside. If a friend is unable to do this, then make sure you call in to your mail center to hold it for you and contact your newspaper services to temporarily stop delivery.

Another good idea is to ask a neighbour to occasionally park in your driveway to make it look like someone is coming and going. This could help dissuade intruders from approaching your property.

The person you ask for assistance from is doing you a favour, so don’t forget to show them the proper appreciation. Bring them back an awesome souvenir to show your gratitude. And with that, maybe they’ll be happy to help again the next time you go away.

Don’t post vacation photos until you return

While it’s tempting to show off where you are to the world on social media, it’s a better idea not to. At least until you get home. You never know who’s got their eyes on you and you can’t predict when they’ll pounce. But if they do pounce, you can bet it’ll happen when they know you’re away. Try to keep a low profile until your return. Once your secure in your home once again, then you can post all the photos you want and that’s when you can make your friends jealous of the amazing time you had.

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