Kitsilano High School Profiles – Where to Send Your Kid

  • Consider the needs of both your child and your family,
  • Gather information about the schools in your district,
  • Visit and observe the schools,
  • Check out the schools we’ve listed below.
  • Fraser Academy

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    2294 10th Avenue W

    Vancouver, BC, V6K 2H8


    Head of School – Maureen Steltman

    Independent School

    Levels – Junior School (Gr 1-6), Middle School (Gr 7-9), and High School (Gr 10-12)

    Every student learns differently. Knowing this, Fraser Academy prides itself on offering education in a setting where each individual can thrive at their own pace. This school is fully accredited by the BC Ministry of Education and follows a core curriculum along with individualized education plans.
    There is a high focus on education here at this school and offers tutoring services to all students to help them reach their educational goals. If you’re also interested in becoming a tutor, you can look at their AOGPE-certified tutoring course.
    Fraser Academy is BC’s only day school dedicated to helping students in grades 1-12 with language-based learning disabilities, such as dyslexia.

    Kitsilano Secondary School

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    2706 Trafalgar Street

    Vancouver, BC, V6K 2J6

    604 713-8961

    Principal – Ranjit Bains

    There are plenty of awards to be won for students at Kitsilano Secondary. Those who do exceedingly well have the chance to make it to Honour Roll or even the Principal’s List. These awards note students for not only their academic achievements, but also their involvement in the community.
    The school lmotto is Kitsilano, a place where you find safety, energy, respect, and passion for learning! Fiat Lux!
    The school objectives for 2018/2019 are to increase student achievements, support vulnerable learners and build cultural awareness with the local Aboriginal communities.

    From the Vancouver Sun – October 28 1943. Chief August Jack Khatsahlano and his wife, Mary. PROVINCE ARCHIVES / PNG

    Kitsilano High celebrated its 100th birthday this year  and was featured in the Vancouver Sun. At the heart of the neighbourhood, the school has a sense of pride for the alumni culture that isn’t seen often. One of the most famous graduates from this school is actor Ryan Reynolds who graduated class of ’94.]]>

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