Large maintenance projects to start planning for now

We all know spring is the best time to start planning for major home projects. It’s not too hot or too cold out and there’s just enough daylight to add that extra kick of motivation. The only issue is that if you wait until that time to make your calls and find contractors, you might find yourself a little out of luck. You want someone who knows what they’re doing to handle your large maintenance projects. Unfortunately, the pros tend to get booked fast. You need to quickly message

Get your home pressure washed

The first thing everyone notices when they step onto your property is your house. And a dirty exterior is not the most pleasant sight. It turns what could be an amazing home into something a little less impressive. You might think that the outside walls are meant to keep out the dirt, but it’s also nice to have that murkiness off those walls as well to give your home a fresh sort of look.

There are several ways to get the outside of your home sparkling like new, and don’t worry, we’re not talking about the good old-fashioned rub and scrub with soap from a bucket. You also don’t need to worry about hiring your neighbour’s teen for that kind of work either. We’re thinking more along the lines of high-tech pressure washers. You can rent one, buy one or hire a service to do all the work for you. This method won’t even take too long.

Repaint your house, garage and picket fence

There’s definitely no shortage in supply when it comes to hiring painters. However, you still want to make sure you give them a call well ahead of time so you don’t have to rely on that neighbour’s teen. We can only imagine the streaks he’ll create, and the image of it is probably giving you shudders. Even if you did want to trust that neighbourhood teenager, it’s still a good idea to order your ideal paint colour in advance. A mismatched fence, while makes for interesting art, is still probably not what you’re going for.

Update your roofing

The winter does a lot of damage to your roof. It’s not a good idea to neglect your roof, even if you think no harm has been done. When the heavy rain comes, the last thing you want is to discover a leak and frantically calling someone to come fix it. A good roofing contractor will make sure that the project is done in the least disruptive way to you and your family. Schedule a roof inspection ahead of time to get an idea of what needs to be done. The contractor will look for blisters, lifted seams, and pulled away flashing among other warning signs.

Get those gutters cleaned

Speaking of roofs, how about taking a look at those gutters. After going through winter with snow, leaves, and all other kinds of debris floating around in the wind, you should definitely get someone to take a look at them to make sure no wayward rubble found it’s way inside.

Improve your landscape

Having pretty landscaping is a major selling point when it comes to considering a home’s curb appeal. As a potential buyer walks up to your front door, you can bet they’re scanning around and eyeing their surroundings and absorbing every little detail. You don’t want even a single stone out of place. Whether or not your moving, if you just want your yard to look like it’s straight out of a garden magazine, it never hurts to be prepared and make the necessary calls. To give you some ideas of what a good landscaper can do, here’s a list of how a good landscaper can help:

  • Use their knowledge of plants and seeds to bring your garden to life;
  • Maintain your lawn;
  • Style the path to your door;
  • Trim your hedges;
  • Ensure your trees and other plants are healthy.

Also, if you have a pool or a pond, it’s not a bad idea to get that figured out as well. Make sure nothing rotted or was damaged.

Plan your project ahead before the start of season

You don’t want to get caught desperately calling around for someone to come and help with your major home maintenance project. There are so many good contractors out there, but the best ones will probably be booked up in no time. We advise you to call sooner rather than later to make your appointment and to guarantee that they’ll come to your door first. Tell them what kind of project you want done and they’ll be able to help you sort out a budget and give you a good idea of what can be done.

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