Neighbourhood Picks – 3 things to love about Cambie Village

Vancouver is the host of many great business-centred neighbourhoods. When you walk into the west side of Vancouver at the end of a six-lane bridge, you’ll find one of these neighbourhoods at one of the city’s primary heritage boulevards. Cambie Village extends from West 6th Avenue all the way to King Edward Avenue.

1. Cambie Village Shops

The list of amazing shops in Cambie Village is a decent length and also of decent quality. The Cambie Village Business Association is comprised of the commercial property owners and trade merchants within the Cambie Village catchment area. The brands range from tech and automotive to beauty and health care. Let’s take a look at some of the businesses within the heart of the catchment:

BierCraft Bistro

BierCraft Bistro is a beer-lovers go-to for amazing brews. They brag over 120 Belgian and craft beer selections and a mouth-watering menu. It’s definitely a great place to go to hang out with friends and enjoy dining at its finest.

Rain or Shine

If you think that you won’t enjoy ice-cream when it’s gloomy outside, Rain or Shine will tell you otherwise. No matter what the weather forecast tells you, there’s never a wrong time to enjoy a cone of your favourite flavour. The company is big on giving and for the last few years have been promoting #pintforapint. This campaign encourages people to donate blood to help save lives. This campaign is ending fast, January 31st is coming fast, so quickly stop by and donate and check their website for the details.

Shiro Japanese

Vancouver is known for having great sushi, and one of the restaurants that shines the brightest throughout the city is Shiro Japanese. This is an authentic Japanese restaurant that offers quality sashimi and sushi as well as a great selection of cooked items.


There’s probably no one in the world who can resist the spices of Indian cuisine. Vij’s is a great example of Indian cuisine at it’s best. The food blends traditional Indian methods and local BC produce together perfectly. With Vij’s around, one thing’s for sure, there are a lot of satisfied foodies in Cambie Village.

Café Gloucester

Although you might not think it from the name, Café Gloucester is actually a Hong Kong-styled café, and one of the best in Vancouver. Their menu is for sure something to be admired and their food is filled with delicious flavours.

2. Great Location

Nearly everywhere in the village is easy to get to. You can pretty much walk to wherever you need to get to, be it a grocery store, restaurant, gym or even go out for a quick coffee run in what feels like no time at all. It saves you the inconvenience of driving and trying to find a place to park. Speaking of parks though, there are actually quite a few around. Queen Elizabeth Park is just to the east of the village and can still be reached by foot.

3. Easy Transportation

On top of being located in a convenient location and filled with a number of great shops, Cambie Village is also connected to some rather convenient modes of transportation. A number of bus lines run through the village and there are even easy connections to two stations along the Canada Line. You can easily get to downtown in under 10 minutes.

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