October 2020 Home Sales in Vancouver—Higher Sales Activities Across the Region

Metro Vancouver continues to see increased sales activity carried over from the past few months, some markets have seen steady increase since April.

However, the movements of average sale prices vary depending on type of home, price range, and neighbourhood. Some, like their sales volume, continued to rise inching toward past highs years ago, while others remained stagnant or showed signs of decreasing.

Buyers and sellers are more easily coming into agreement on pricing as shown in the higher sales volume. But economic uncertainty and the COVID-19 virus remains in the minds of those active in the real estate market.

September 2020 Vancouver Detached Home Statistics
September 2020 Vancouver Attached Home Statistics
News of note: 
  • Canadian mortgage rates are lowest in history. Can they go any lower? (source)
  • Out-of-office is the new office. Can the work-from-home boom last? (source)
  • Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside Condo Owners Worry About Rise In Crime (source)

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