Should You Send Your Child to Private School in Vancouver?

Thinking (or just curious) about sending your child to Private School in Vancouver?

The idea of private school can be a bit nerve-wracking for some people. Not everyone gets it. The idea of wearing matching uniforms and following strict rules and regulations can be frightening to many people, especially a student that may be transferring into a private school from a public school.

Perhaps one of the biggest questions out there is ‘why would you send your kid to private school when they can go to public school for free in Canada?’ The answer to this is simple. There are a lot of additional benefits at private schools. There are often opportunities for additional programs and extra curricular activities to further their development as individuals.

Private schools prioritize slightly different things compared to public schools. There are so many reasons why parents might want to send their child to a private school. For example, academic performance and communication with both parents and students are often given higher expectations and prioritization.

Dunbar: St George

“Building fine young men. One boy at a time.”

This is the slogan for St George’s, a prestigious private school for boys. A lot of brain research has pointed out that boys learn differently than girls. While girls and boys are both able to learn the same things, the biochemical differences proven by science have shown that they learn differently. St. George’s understands the significance of the difference in learning styles needed for these two genders and strictly caters to the minds and development of boys.

The school is located in the Dunbar neighbourhood at 4175 West 29th Avenue and is situated on the unceded traditional territory of the Musqueam First Nation.

Arbutus: Little Flower Academy, York House School

This is an independent all girls Catholic secondary school located in Vancouver’s Shaughnessy neighbourhood. Little Flower Academy has been around since 1927 and was established by the Sisters of Saint Ann. It is the perfect option for your daughters of faith to realize their spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional potential.

The school is unique in that it welcomes the entire family to partake in special events and get to know the school and the people their daughters interact with.

The school can be found at 4195 Alexandra St.

Kerrisdale: Crofton House

Tied first in the Fraser Institute’s rankings of schools in BC, Crofton House is a forward-thinking private university-preparatory school for girls who want to discover their personal excellence.

Students are eligible from kindergarten to Grade 12. The curriculum is rich and challenging, and it is designed to prepare girls to succeed on whatever path they choose.

You can find the school at 3200 W 41st Ave.

Oakridge: Vancouver College

Vancouver College provides a community based around Catholic faith and learning to educate boys and young men from Kindergarten to Grade 12. The school follows the tradition of Blessed Edmund Rice. The school has a strong academic curriculum that ensures the harmonious growth of the whole person. Some university level courses are also offered through a special program with Corpus Christi College to students who have completed Grade 12 courses in certain subject areas.

The school also has a strong implementation in faith-based spiritual learning as well as encourages the participation in student activities. The school is located at 5400 Cartier St.

Point Grey: Point Grey Academy

West Point Grey Academy describes the experience at their school as authentic. The school encourages students to be the best version of themselves. The school staff asks the students multiple questions in order to find their interests and talents to bring out their strongest character and academic pursuit. WPGA is a very character driven school with a model of empathy and integrity.

You can find WPGA at 4125 W 8th Ave.

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